Great Torrington Heritage Museum

Great Torrington Heritage Museum

The history and heritage centre of Torrington

Updating the exhibition space


For the Museum to preserve and pass on our local history and heritage to future generations, a permanent home for our collections was urgently required. Great Torrington Council came to our rescue by gifting a lease of premises to the Museum enabling the exhibits to find a permanent home. The museum area we have opened to visitors is a taster of what we have in our collections. We are now raising funding for remodelling the interior of our premises to enable us to display more effectively our various collections.

Moving forward

Our remodelled Museum will offer a greatly improved visitor experience.

  • More space to display exhibits not currently able to be displayed.
  • An ability to fully theme all areas.
  • An opportunity to make the museum more engaging and interactive.
  • Provide an anchor and key resource for local education.
  • Establish the museum as a major local attraction, helping the town’s tourist trade.

We need local support to make our vision a reality. All monies raised will go to the restoration fund. We currently need an estimated £650,000 to achieve our vision.
We plan to start preliminary work in late 2018 enabling us to have a refurbished building by 2021.